Engaged to a man she’s never even kissed, Primrose Everly looks forward to a staid and proper marriage. But when she meets Lachlan Dennehy, she realizes there may be something missing in her perfectly pure relationship.

Lachy is tasked with returning his struggling village to prosperity with the help of the Duke of Alberhill. Primrose sets his blood on fire, but as the duke’s relation, she is untouchable. 

But when Primrose returns to Alberhill Castle, jilted by her pompous fiancé, the lure of temptation is too much for Lachy and Prim to resist. Caught between passion and a promise, their desire threatens Prim’s reputation and Lachy’s leadership of his clan. Can love mend a treacherous past between the clan and the English who stole their castle or will history destroy their chance for a happily ever after?

After a fateful meeting in Hyde Park, Violet lost her heart to a young lord who disappeared. But now he’s returned, and whispers amongst Society hint that he’s grossly disfigured and fit for Bedlam. 

Weirick, the new Duke of Selbourne, intends to leave England again and the past that left him with deep scars by staging his own death. But before he can, Weirick must see his heir married and settled. 

When Violet and Weirick five years after their first encounter, Violets long held feelings remain true and she’s not going to let go of him again. But Weirick resists her at every turn. How can she prove to him she sees past the beast he’s become and she wants his heart, not his title? Though his temper runs hot, Weirick’s desire for Violet burns hotter. But keeping Violet for himself would mean embracing a destiny he’s run from all his life.

Miss Charlotte Angelwood made a deathbed promise to her father that she would marry Lord Shelding’s son. But now that her father has died, Charlotte will do anything to break her betrothal to her revolting fiancé. 

Christopher Thorn arrived in England to expand his American brewing company with an English investor. But on his first day on English soil, he meets a young woman in need of a hero and he can’t resist seeing her again.

But their growing desire puts them both in danger of losing everything. Charlotte must escape Lord Shelding’s hold on her but it could all be for nothing if Thorn doesn’t return her feelings. Thorn must risk everything he’s worked for or turn his back on the woman who has stolen his heart. Can love save them from a determined enemy or will Thorn be forced to leave Charlotte behind when he returns to America?

Left destitute by her father’s death, Rose Owens finds shelter and security as a companion. Rose once dreamed of getting married and having a family of her own, but now she knows she will likely live the rest of her life a spinster. 

Mr. Gabriel Connor travels the world discovering new treasures and adventures, ignoring his great aunt’s urgings to settle down in England. 

When Rose and Gabriel are trapped in a decrepit hunting lodge by a flash flood, they must work together to survive until the water recedes and help arrives, but their attraction is palpable and temptation hard to resist. Rose won’t give her heart to a man destined to leave and Gabriel can’t let go of his yearning to explore the world beyond English shores. 

Can Rose tame Gabriel’s wandering soul or will love prove to be the greatest adventure of all?

Miss Madeline Prescott’s father issues an ultimatum: marry the suitor of his choice, a man thrice her age, or find her own husband by month’s end. Yet men are not exactly lining up to court the girl known as Mad Maddie. 

After nursing his wounded heart for more than a year, Lord Jonathan Flynn, Viscount Rigsby, reluctantly returns to society, only to be cornered by Mad Maddie with a ridiculous request. A marriage of convenience. 

Who knew pretending to fall in love could lead to the real thing? 

Attraction and passion spark genuine feelings and Jonathan begins to hope he’ll find love after all, but their path to happily ever after isn’t smooth. Maddie’s controlling father may prove to be a barrier that even the strongest love cannot overcome.

Pressured into an unwanted marriage, Dorothea Manton is hiding from her abusive family in Lady Lucy’s cottage. But trouble still finds her in the form of a handsome stranger collapsed in the lane. 

Injured, with little money and no place to live, Major Henry Felton would most likely be dead had this angelic young woman not rescued him.

Attraction and desire blossoms as Thea nurses him to health, but before these newfound feelings can be explored, Lucy’s brother intervenes and declares himself Thea’s protector. When Thea’s family are close to finding her, Thea is forced to choose between the security of a wealthy husband and the wounded soldier who stole her heart. 

Bored, beautiful and determined to ruin herself.
Lady Lucy Flynn is used to getting everything she wants. But for the first time, the one thing she wants above all else is the love of a man who’s determined to resist her. Her brother's friend is off-limits, but Lucy loves a challenge.
Dean Warren, Earl of Winchester wants nothing to do with the pampered and privileged Lady Lucy, even if she is the most entrancing woman he’s ever met. He learned long ago how deadly love can be and chooses to live his life out of society and away from women like her.  
But Lucy is not one to give up so easily. She sees through his heartless rake façade and the attraction that smolders between them could set her shift on fire. He’s hiding his tortured past but he can’t mask his desire from her. Can she break through the walls around his heart or will her own be left in ruble at his feet?

After her twin marries and moves away, Lady Hazel Darling is lost and alone, searching for her own path that will lead to passionate love.

Garrett, the Earl of Bainbridge, was orphaned as a boy. His aunt raised him as her own, but duty to her and the legacy that was thrust upon his shoulders has ruled his life.

Upon first meeting sparks fly between Hazel and Garrett. Their instant attraction promises something more that neither want to ignore. But newly wedded bliss quickly vanishes when a series of events sabotage their budding love and dark secrets are revealed.

Can Hazel and Garrett defeat the enemy in their midst or will Hazels dream of her own happily ever after turn into a nightmare?


Lady Anabelle Darling plans to find a respectable husband who will love her. From the moment she meets Viscount Draven, she knows there’s something dangerous about him. Draven offers nothing but sinful dalliance and forbidden pleasure.  

Draven relishes the role of scoundrel. But Lady Anabelle tempts him to reform like no other. She’s lovely when she’s furious, and he can’t resist luring her into his sensual game—consequences be damned.

A single kiss wields the power to change everything between them and turn Anabelle’s carefully crafted plan inside out. When Draven is confronted with losing Annabelle to another, he realizes it was never a game at all. Can he redeem himself and prove even scoundrels can love?


If you like Steamy Regency Romance, rogues, strong heroines, and scintillating love scenes, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s Historical Romance novels

The Desperate and Daring Series

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