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The Fated for Love Series


A duke’s daughter in hiding. An ex-spy blinded by desire. Is it treason or true love?


Lady Lillian must abandon her decadent life to hide from her stepfather who wants to use her as the scapegoat for the ultimate sin against England.




Her years of playing in the kitchen as a child has paid off and she's found work as a cook’s assistant in the house of the Earl of Redwick, a man she’s never met in society. But her refuge is not as safe as it seems. When she finally meets the master of the house, she discovers the new Earl of Redwick could be a danger to her masquerade... and her heart.


As a second son, Dominic never expected to inherit, but now he must adapt to life as a gentleman of leisure, and he hates it. His days of spying for the crown are over, except for one last secret mission right here in London. Find the missing daughter of a duke and her traitor stepfather.

But Lady Lillian isn't missing; she’s hiding right under his nose as his lovely new cook’s assistant. To bring her stepfather to justice, Dominic needs Lilly’s help. Can he resist temptation and keep his focus on the mission or will his growing attraction to Lilly put both their lives at risk? 


Mine, All Mine is book 1 of the Fated for Love Regency Romance Series. If you like intrigue, suspense, adventure, and sizzling romance, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s debut novel.

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Can a single kiss thaw a heart determined to remain cold?


After witnessing her father’s philandering and her mother’s turmoil, Lady Lydia Covington knows rakes make terrible husbands and vows to marry a man who can never break her heart. Lord Caverly, a man many years older, is the man Lydia and her mother choose for Lydia to marry. But one kiss from the handsome and disreputable Lord Wilhelm sets all her cold-hearted plans ablaze.


Devon, Viscount Wilhelm, only kissed Lady Lydia to prove that he could rattle her icy facade, but instead, the famed Ice Queen of London sets him on fire. As his little sister’s closet friend, she is off limits, but when Lydia comes to him, asking him to teach her about passion, Devon can’t refuse. He sets out to show her why rakes make the best husbands.


As Lydia and Devon fall deeper in love, fear of a disastrous marriage like her parents had prevents Lydia from believing Devon’s intentions are true. Confronted with her impending engagement to Lord Caverly, Lydia must choose between risking her heart on a rake or a safe passionless marriage with Lord Caverly. But when Lydia realizes her mistake in choosing Lord Caverly over Devon, it’s too late and Devon has disappeared from England. 


After word of his return reaches Lydia three months later, the tables have turned and this time it is Devon who refuses to believe in Lydia’s love. It is up to Lydia to convince him that her intentions are true, and reformed ice queens make the best wives.


If you like a second chance romance full of raw emotion, humor, heartbreak, redemption, and sizzling love scenes, then you’ll love Sweet Torture, the second book of the Fated For Love Regency Romance Series.


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Heart-strong: When one blindly follows the urgings of their heart, without using logic and reason from their head.


Olivia suffers greatly from this malady...


Lady Olivia is ruined. She has been banished to the country in the wake of a scandal and to make matters worse, her brother has disappeared from England. Her family turns to his boyhood friend, Captain Colton, to search for him. Olivia is desperate to help and devises a plan to tag along with the man she has loved since she was a young girl. But her plan fails miserably. 


Captain Colton is furious to find Lady Olivia on his ship, stowed away in a trunk of all places. Colton has secretly wanted Olivia for some time but knows the difference of their stations makes him unworthy of her hand. Colton tries to resist all temptation and keep her at arm’s length. 


Colton and Olivia must work together to rescue Devon, forcing them to confront their feelings. When they return to England, Olivia will have to marry to salvage her reputation, and Colton is convinced her family will not see her wed to a lowly ship Captain. Can Olivia convince Colton that their differences can be overcome by love? 


Storm On The Horizon is the 3rdbook in the Fated for Love Regency Romance Series.

If you love exciting adventure and sexy Regency romance with a dash of humor, then you’ll love Dayne Quince’s page-turning novel.


Buy Storm On The Horizon to read Dayna’s sizzling romantic adventure today!


A father’s last wish…


As the only son and heir to the Duke of Maltravers, Lord Willowton’s family legacy rests in his hands. His father surprises him with one last dying wish—a wish for him to marry Miss Obedience Wickenham. Chance loves his father, but only agrees to consider it. One kiss should reveal if he could ever feel anything more than annoyance for the girl who dogged his every step when they were children. That one kiss is his undoing, and he quickly realizes that he must have her forever and convince her to marry him.


Obedience has always been infatuated with Chance. However, could she marry him as the duke’s last wish? She wants more than a marriage of convenience, but even if Chance can convince her with kisses of the passion between them, there is far more that stands in their way.


Her mother and sister have their own plan for the soon to be Duke of Maltravers. Obedience is torn between loyalty to her family and the love she has for the old duke and his son, whom she has only dared to love in her dreams. Can Chance help Obedience choose between love and loyalty before his father’s death, or will he fail to grant him his dying wish and lose Obedience, too? 


If you like sweet and sexy romance with a dash of fun, To Love, Honor and Obey is the final book and the cherry on top of the truly romantic and sensual Fated for Love Series.

Buy To Love, Honor and Obey to read Dayna’s page-turning novel today!

Buy the bundle and Save!


Four gently bred women defy the rules of Regency London society to save lives and find love. How do they do it? With the help of four gentlemen who will protect them at all cost. 

Book 1) Mine, All Mine

Book 2) Sweet Torture

Book 3) Storm On The Horizon

Book 4) To Love, Honor and Obey.

If you like sizzling love scenes, second chance romance, action, adventure, and a dash of humor, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s sexy Regency Romance Series. Buy this box set to read Dayna’s complete series today!

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