The Northumberland Nine Series

If you've read An Undesirable Duke than you will have already heard of the infamous Northumberland Nine. Nine gently bred sisters, all of marriageable age, and terribly desperate to get married. The problem? Their fertile father is so busy traveling and searching for willing husbands that his modest estate has fallen into disrepair. They are near penniless, and well, what wealthy gentleman wants a wife with no dowry? But that won't stop these spirited sisters from taking their fate into their own hands and ensuring that not only will they save their home from total destitution, but they will find love too.

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Will one wild dawn lead to true love… or a secret that will ruin their lives?
The oldest of nine sisters, Miss Annette Marsden spends her life taking care of others and keeping her father’s modest estate from falling apart while longing for a romance she only dare to dream about.

The younger brother of the Duke of
Selbourne, Lord Roderick Andrews finds himself tiring of the same old debauchery and longs for the one woman who does not swoon at his feet. 

One wild dawn, driven by a stolen kiss, Anne and Roderick are swept away by desire. Anne dares to hope her dream of love may come true, only to find that Roderick was so drunk that he doesn’t remember what happened! 


Now the romance she once craved has left her carrying a secret that will ruin her and her sisters. A house party is her only chance to find a husband as quickly as possible. But Roderick is determined to prove he can change and win her heart. Can he rekindle the passion they'd found and redeem himself to Anne or is their one chance at happiness gone with Roderick's memories?  


Will two wicked nights turn a loyal friendship into everlasting love …or tear them apart?

Bernadette Marsden has made it her duty to protect her family. But as one of the infamous Northumberland Nine, she secretly wishes her life could be more. She craves adventure and love, but neither can be found in in the wilds of Northumberland unless she takes fate into her own hands. But can fate be controlled?


Lord Tiberius Alexander, Earl of Chester, is a gentleman to the bone. But Bernadette has a way of testing his good intentions. Though he is her loyal friend, he can’t fight the feeling they should be more. When a house party provides new gentlemen for Bernadette to meet, Chester must act on his feelings or lose her to another.


One kiss opens the door to deeper desires, but Chester’s family looks down on Bernadette for being poor gentry. To keep them apart, Bernadette is trapped in a scandalous situation to force her to marry another man. 

Chester hides her away, and for two wicked nights they indulge their passions. But they can’t run forever. In the light of day, Bernadette must choose between the future of her eight sisters and the yearnings of her heart.


Can Chester thwart his powerful family and save Bernadette or will their two nights together end in bittersweet memories?

Georgette Marsden has a way with animals, but will her skills help her tame a rake?

As one of nine impoverished daughters, Georgie had to become the son her father never had. She can shoot, mend a fence, and wrestle a sheep to the ground. But when it comes to falling in love, she’ll have to rely on one of her more conventional sisters to catch a husband before an unscrupulous cousin inherits their home. 


Mr. Gavin Cage accepted an invitation to Selbourn Castle to get awayfrom marriage minded women in London. To his dismay, he’s stuck in a castle with nine sisters, all lovely and in need of husbands. But before he can find an excuse to escape, his interest is piqued by one sister, the most unconventional woman he’s ever met.


Georgie and Gavin form an unlikely friendship. But they can’t ignore the attraction between them. For once Georgie feels like a woman and wants to explore the desire she finds in Gavin’s arms, even though she may end up with a broken heart. 

Gavin knows an affair with an innocent like Georgie is dangerous, but they can’t resist the passion that claims them when they’re alone. He must rely on his experience as a rake to protect them both from scandal. But is his judgment clouded by his deepening feelings for her?


Every risk has it’s reward… as long as they don’t get caught…

Hope is the most dangerous temptation of all…


Jeanette Marsden dreamed of a London season, but as one of nine daughters to a poor gentleman farmer, she must pin all her hopes of finding love during a two week house party at Selbourne Castle. But what no one knows, is that she’s already lost her heart to a rogue who stole her first dance and her first kiss.


Lucian Zachariah Edward, Viscount Luckfeld, returned to Selbourne Castle in hopes of a glimpse of the woman who reminded him his stone heart could still beat. Only to find out that he’d be sharing a roof with her for a fortnight as a potential suitor for her hand. But Luc carries a secret that makes marrying for love an impossible dream.


All Luc wants is to keep his distance, but Miss Jeanette proves irresistible. 

Despite his deeply held secrets and his confession that he must marry an heiress, Jeanie will make him an offer he can’t refuse. Will she forsake her respectability for Luc?


Will Luc do the impossible and find a way to marry Jeanie and save his families legacy, too?

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