• Dayna Quince

Switching Things Up

Well, this year has been a chaotic mess and it's not ending any time soon. One thing I've continued to notice I'm terrible at is my newsletter. Maybe like me, your inbox is flooded by junk and it's easy to lose track of the things you want to receive. Maybe it feels intrusive and spammy just a little bit. Even though readers subscribe I really struggle to hold up my end of the bargain. I just am not organized and extroverted enough to do it. I'm boring and don't have anything to talk about. I've read books, I subscribe to other authors to see what they do and I routinely find I'm just... meh about newsletters. I don't open them and I'm not crazy about sending them. So I'm switching things up, inspired by the wonderful Katheryn Le Veque. She doesn't do a newsletter, she instead has a blog on her website.

Why does this appeal to me? Well, for one, it's more casual. Come visit when you want, subscribe if you want to get email alerts, but otherwise we both get to stick to one location. The blog. Also, it puts my website to work. I pay $$$ yearly to keep the website going, but rarely make time to update it. Out of sight, out of mind, you know? By adding a blog to my website, I feel like I'm centralizing my content creation. I'm looking deeper into a management system that will make linking my blog to other social media platforms. The more friction I face to get things done, the less I'm going to do them. My main focus, always and forever, is the writing. But the business side is integral and I need it to be more streamlined. I like to follow the KISS principle. I learned it from an old crusty surgeon I used to work for (Sorry Dr. L, you weren't literally crusty, just a bit gruff and old school.) What does KISS stand for? Keep it simple, stupid.

Frankly, I need like two more people to help me run this show, but it's just me, so I need to simplify and focus on working smarter not harder. I'm not in this business to make millions. I mean, that'd be nice, right? But there is a lot of heavy work that goes into that. The whole business would have to grow far beyond my abilities to do it by myself. I'd have no free time, no family time, I'd be a slave to my publishing/work schedule. That is not why I write romance or why I became an author. I love what I write and I love the freedom it affords me. I spend the majority of my time with my kids. Like right now we're doing online school. My son is doing math and I'm doing this. I like being able to drop everything to make the most of my husbands days at home. That is essentially my dream and I'm living it.

But life is expensive and so are my pets, so an income is essential for me to keep up the dream. So, because book royalties are not guaranteed and I need to keep writing and keep a presence online to find new readers, here I am. In blog form. This isn't my first blog. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

This is me in my natural habitat. Bathrobe couture, and house a wreck because we're moving.

TLDR; This blog + social media to keep me connected to readers. Hopefully better than a newsletter.

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