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The Star Frost Lovers Series

Coming Soon.

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The heart wants what it wants…

Long ago Phoebe lost her heart to her rogue neighbor who left her behind for the fast paced world of London. But unrequited love has deep hooks, and when Will unexpectedly returns to Star Frost, an outcast, and utterly disgraced, she opens her arms and her heart to him one last time before setting out on her own adventure, her come out in the capital.

The refuge of the ruined…

Will returns to Star Frost drunk on whiskey and dissatisfaction, Phoebe provides instant relief. But as usual, Will takes it a step too far and next he knows, their engaged, and his parents have plans to use Phoebe’s family connections to repair Will’s reputation with the ruse of a love match. But the past haunts Will and Phoebe in unexpected ways. He knows Phoebe is already in love with him, but can the burning desire he feels for her ever turn into true love? What’s more, does he deserve her?

The more Will’s past is revealed, the harder it is to maintain their façade of a love match. Phoebe’s feelings are real, but everywhere she turns she is reminded of how little she knows of the man she loves. Their growing passion and affection is tested by family and lovers who refuse to be forgotten. Can Will and Phoebe rise above rumor and ruin or will the magic they found on Star Frost be lost forever?

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